Four years ago as a soon-to-be bioengineering graduate from the University of California, Riverside, I found myself lost in the direction I wanted to take my career. This competitive program at a nationally recognized institution was heavily focused on the research and development of medical devices, yet, I was still conflicted. Many medical device manufacturers recruited students from my program and my education encouraged innovation, passion and an emphasis on delivering life-saving treatments, but I never thought that pharmaceuticals would be an area of interest to me. I had work experience in a GLP lab, but couldn’t seem to fathom the level of detail and regulation that goes into manufacturing of therapeutics which would be used by the public.

Through my post-graduate job search, I came to the realization that industries are looking for more cost-effective measures for staffing and resources. I heavily considered a career in biotech consulting due to the rapidly changing environment that encourages growth, innovation, as well as a need for intelligent and quick thinking individuals to pioneer change throughout the industry. So, when PSC Biotech™ offered me the opportunity to work for a span of life science clients, I instantly accepted the offer.

In a period of three and a half years, I have had the privilege to provide cGMP validation services to top medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers while understanding the regulatory requirements set forth by the FDA. I never thought I would say this, but validation falls along the lines of what I pictured my dream job to be.

As a validation engineer at PSC Biotech™, I am responsible for learning the technical, regulatory, and business needs of a company. The advantage of working with PSC Biotech™ lies within the knowledge of our subject matter experts whom I am able to leverage every step of the way. Clients are often unsure of how to approach certain topics. PSC Biotech™ has provided me access to mentors and training programs which have armed me with a vast range of knowledge. I am able to provide my clients with not only my knowledge, but the knowledge gathered from countless experienced individuals throughout the organization. When I am chosen for a client project, I am confident we will exceed all expectations because the client not only receives my experience and expertise, but that of a global organization working to ensure success nothing short of exceptional results.