Written by: Katie Favino, Key Account Manager, Midwest & Andrea Salive, Business Development Manager

Transitioning from a paper-based system to an electronic document and Quality Management System might seem scary at first, but with these helpful tips, watch your fears melt away! 

Value proposition is the key to successful changes in the way your operations are managed. There are so many benefits when transitioning to an electronic system. Think back to all those hours spent searching, updating and refiling documentation, to start; never mind when the FDA shows up and you need to gather all the documents related to just that one batch record… I’m getting tired just thinking about it! Using an electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) keeps all files and records within an organization safe and sound and most importantly, instantly accessible from your phone, tablet or desktop!  

You may be thinking, “I have endless filing cabinets stuffed with important files and records, how will I ever be able to migrate them all?” If you have paper versions of your procedures, policies and templates, then you certainly have the word document versions which are easy to upload and begin the review process. The executed protocols and forms can be uploaded as a record and continue from their existing point in their lifecycle or be filed for safe keeping and be referenced later.  

The workflows in an electronic Quality Management System are configured to fit YOUR process, not the other way around. Whether there are signatures you need collected or a critical circulation your documents must follow, electronic workflows have the flexibility to mirror whatever process you have implemented now. The factor that makes transitioning to an automated system even more efficient for your organization is that it doesn’t allow employees to deviate from the process you’ve implemented, therefore significantly decreasing the risk of human error. System validated Audit trails will capture every move made by a user within an eQMS, eliminating any questions associated to changes made within the system. 

Typically, the biggest hurdle organizations face when looking to upgrade their current processes is the fear of change. Electronic Systems are constantly improved and are designed to make your company’s day to day easier. A concept that can help accelerate and get everyone on board for this transition is understanding the benefits it can bring; knowledge is power. Keep in mind that not all electronic quality management systems may offer the solutions to meet your needs. Luckily, PSC Software’s highly configurable eQMS, ACE™, can offer you a pleasant and painless transition. For more information and to schedule a free demo, click here.

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