Written by: Wayne Berry, Quality Process and Computer Systems Validation Manager

We perform risk assessments in every part of our life… choosing a safe car for our new teenage driver, making sure the car seat is properly secured for that newborn’s first ride home, wearing a helmet when biking or putting on a flotation device when out on the water.  Yet, there are times in our professional life that we are more focused on ‘getting things done’ today and not thinking about what could go wrong in the future.  And things do go wrong. 

A well-thought-out risk assessment program covers all aspects of our business and isn’t a one-time review when making changes.  The COVID-19 crisis has impacted everything we do and is shining the light on the strengths and weaknesses of our operations.  Now is the time to take a holistic review of how we have  historically  evaluated and rated  risks  in our operations.  We should review these risks and compliantly implement  new  adjustments to our  processes if necessary.

One area that may not receive the attention it needs is  our material suppliers.  We develop a level of comfort with established suppliers that have been dependable, consistent and provide quality materials.  And we lower the perceived risk that this supplier will fail us.  With COVID-19 impacting all businesses, how is it impacting your suppliers?  Will they be able to ramp up and meet your needs?  Will you be competing with their other customers for limited inventory?  Do you have alternate suppliers qualified and available to address any gaps? 

Thorough risk assessments allow us to identify and develop plans to address unforeseen problems in a controlled manner, allowing our resources to focus on instituting the solution instead of solving the problem.  Don’t let the lack of risk assessments turn a good business into a risky business.   Give PSC a call today!  We have experts standing by who can help with risk analysis and mitigation.