Written by: Alan Pham, Business Development Associate 

In a world where our data is crucial to our everyday lives, implementing new platforms is necessary when our data becomes more robust. Data migration is a very vital component to ensure a smooth implementation process, which can be a daunting task if you are not prepared. Some of the key points that will ensure the implementation of your new platform goes smoothly include aligning the data with the correct business users, evaluating the existing data, and validating the migration process to ensure timelines are met.   

Here at PSC Biotech™, we can help you ensure that your precious data from your legacy system is correctly migrated to your new platform. A key point to keep in mind while you are migrating data is to bring in people who will be using the data. These folks can provide insight as to how and why specific data is being used, which can give you an idea on how the data should be organized. After all, the newly purchased 

system is to make our lives easier while giving us more bandwidth to focus on our research. In order to organize the data, we will assess your database to ensure that all data points are migrated, and that no data point is left behind. PSC Biotech™ will validate the data coming from your legacy system, ensuring its integrity is up to expectations. Like they say, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.  

During this whole process, PSC™ will ensure that the actual migrating of the data is validated and tested. Data testing, validation and migration must fit the project timeline to ensure the system can “Go-Live” on time. PSC™ has the expertise to assess your data, validate your data, and manage your project so that all timelines are met.