We Have Technical Writers Trained in Good Documentation Practices

There’s an industry event happening and you have been invited to present a whitepaper. Now, you need someone who can write the whitepaper for you. You need someone with the appropriate technological literacy.

Someone who can understand and elaborate on, for example, why your latest innovation changes lives and craft a compelling, persuasive paper that will grip your readers.

When you hire PSC – that’s the kind of balance we provide on a daily basis. Our highly educated and experienced team members have technical writing experience on various topics.

Wide Array of Experiences

From Global Harmonization to Regulatory Affairs – our writers have written on anything you can imagine. This means – whenever you hire us, our writers will ask questions from your designated subject matter experts (SMEs).

Gauging the right information enables our team to produce the excellent quality that you need. When our team has gathered all the data, we’ll be able to create all kinds of content. Our team consists of experts in:

  • Drafting
  • Editing

And reviewing technical documents such as:

  • Protocols
  • Summary Reports
  • Specifications
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Manuals

Here’s How You Can Go Wrong With Technical Writing

Many mid-sized engineering, startups, high-technology, and manufacturing companies don’t have a technical writer in their staff. So, whenever there is a need to write a technical document, who do you assign to write the document?

Do you assign the duty of documentation to the project’s engineer, marketing communications team member or a technician in the company?  Business owners sometimes forget that writing is a skill in itself. Knowing a great deal about something doesn’t ensure that you’ll write well about it, too.

Even when businesses decide to hire a technical writer, they can make another crucial mistake. Since “price” is often the only priority, managers hire the cheapest resource which often leads them to hires the wrong resource. No one ever considers hiring a technical writing professional to write it right.  Businesses often end up with a writer who isn’t experienced or has the wrong skill set. Here’s why:

  • Everyone in your company has tasks of their own.
  • You can’t expect professional work from a non-professional.
  • Getting quality work at bargain prices is hard, and sometimes impossible.

Why You Need A Professional Technical Writer

A professional technical writer is well worth the money you spend. This can especially be true if you’re hiring a technical writer for a specific task.

Here are three reasons you should always hire a professional technical writing service:

  1. A professional technical writer devotes all of their time to your project. You can’t expect the same when you designate a writing task to an internal employee since they’re going to have work of their own, too.
  2. A technical writer is an expert on evaluating the content strategy, timeline and plan. That is why they are able to deliver on time
  3. Technical writers are aware of all the tools they can use to create content for you. Because of the tools they have access to, they are able to create content that is unmatchable and unique.

To hire us for your technical writing service needs, contact us today or click here to know more.