Here’s Why You Need Seasoned Validation Experts for Your Business.

As one of the largest providers of Commissioning, Qualification and Validation services (CQV services) – PSC is a global behemoth in the life science industry. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our local and global reach. PSC offers a wide range of services, from facilities equipment to calibration matrices.

Because of the wide range of services that we provide, we can help our clients through every stage of a project.

Our experts focus on delivering practical and compliant results. That is why we have a proven success ratio on complex requirement projects for world-renowned clients.

But how can our services be of such importance to businesses?

Take User Requirements Specifications as an example.

User Requirements Specification (URS)

User Requirements Specifications describe what they REQUIRE from a software solution, new equipment, or new process. You want to write the specifications before the system is created or purchased.

The end-users or the owners of the system usually know what they want the system to do and the provide the input to write the URS.  The URS is a critical part of software, equipment, or process development. If you’re unclear on what you’re trying to deliver – you’ll have a hard time knowing if you’ve successfully delivered it.

With the help of excellent user requirements, your business can achieve:

  • A better end-to-end solution
  • Satisfied customers
  • Reduced cost
  • Shorter duration

A good URS provides a firm foundation for a successful project.

You also need to evaluate the risks for any project and PSC has the risk assessement service capability for your system, project, or equipment.

Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment is a vital component of any project.  Risk assessment gives your business a solid analysis of the risks associated with your system, project, or equipment so you can achieve the results you want minimizing the cost while maintaining safety, reliability, and compliance. PSC understands the ins and outs of risk and risk assessment.

Our risk assessment professionals can be trusted advisors for your business while working alongside your business’s internal team.

Why Do I Need a Risk Assessment?

Think no further than Three Mile Island, Fukushima Dai-Ichi, etc.  Did they need a risk assessment?  Risk assessment is your primary tool to undertand and quantify risk, a necessity for every business in any industry. Through a risk assessment, you can understand the risks your business is exposed to. Risk assessment helps you to identify and implement cost effective measures to control or eliminate risks and adopt procedures that help minimize uncertainty and protect your bottom line.


Our seasoned professional are leaders of the life science industry  PSC can provide end-to-end solutions from User Requirements Specification, Risk Assesssments and the associated implementation services to our customers.

Hire PSC professionals and you’ll be able to design, commission and build systems and facilities a lot quicker with less angst. Your products will reach the market faster, and you’re going to have a better return on your investment.

To know more about our PSC’s CQV services, contact us today or click here to know more.