Written By: Leah Bonugli, Marketing Specialist, PSC Biotech

PSC Biotech® takes great pride in the volunteer involvement of our staff with the local chapters of our biotech professional organizations. The Southern California chapter of the Parenteral Drug Association (SoCal PDA) is just one example of PSC staff giving back to our biotech community.

PDA is a non-profit organization for pharmaceutical education, training, and research.  PDA’s motto is “Connecting People Science and Regulation®”. To advance its mission, PDA formed the PDA Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, Training and Research (PDAF) in 1997

a. To support the education, training and research activities of the Parenteral Drug Association, Inc.;

b. To generally support education, training and research in the pharmaceutical sciences;

c. To increase awareness and educate the public on pharmaceutical sciences by disseminating information and presenting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and other programs; and

d. To do any and all other things which are consistent with its other goals and objectives.” (www.pda.org).

Pari Kazeminy, a PSC Business Development Manager, has been the Vendor Chair for SoCal PDA for the past two years, directing all vendor sponsors and every event, making sure the vendors have proper materials, and the opportunity to market their company in person, on Zoom, etc. Each vendor is encouraged to bring their Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to discuss any topics they choose for their event, to share what their company does, and to answer any questions from the PDA membership.  In the past two years, the SoCal PDA had a record-breaking number of vendor sponsors. You might ask yourself, “what changed?” or “what did she do so different to increase the amount of vendors?”. The key ingredient to the success of the program’s growth is that she put in the time to communicate the value of the program, calling the vendors one by one, discussing the opportunity for each vendor, and answering any questions they had, rather than just reaching out via email.


A SoCal PDA Chapter team member wrote “Our volunteer Vendor Outreach Chairperson exhibited an exceptional work ethic with a high degree of passion and desire to achieve success. … the SoCal PDA Chapter achieved the highest number of annual sponsors and exhibitors for the chapter’s annual vendor night in 2020. … I entrust her with executing at a high level of professionalism and confidence in providing win-win solutions for all parties involved.” (Randy J. George, Sales Director / Business Development / Account Management, ValGenesis, Inc.).

PSC™ will continue to encourage our team members to get involved and support them in their efforts to advance their local chapters of our biotech professional organizations!  Call us if you are interested in volunteering for your local chapter of a biotech professional organization.  We’d love to help you connect with your local chapter.