Written By: Leah Bonugli, Marketing Specialist, PSC Biotech

Justin Cantor, Chief Strategy Officer at PSC Biotech® has been with PSC™ for over seven years now. Justin has many accomplishments with the company and has left many amazing impacts on the clients he has worked with. “Of the many project managers I have dealt with, Justin is the most professional and technically competent. He is extremely detail oriented, flexible, and efficient. It is really a pleasure to work with Justin!”, (Merritt Postma, Director, Western Region at SKAN). In addition to Justin Cantor’s great work as a project manager, he also takes a step further filling a very important role as the ISPE LA Social Media Committee Co-Chair.

ISPE stands for The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. It is the world’s largest non-profit association and serves its members by leading scientific, technical, and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. Justin started his journey with ISPE LA in 2003. In 2012, he became ISPE-LA KGI student chapter industry advisor. In this role, he supported involvement of students in events and programs. That same year, Justin joined ISPE LA Board of Directors, where he served on the program, Young Professionals, and student committees. With this leadership role, he organized several successful programs including guest speakers and plant tours.


In 2015, Justin then became the ISPE LA Student Affairs committee chair. Some of the accomplishments he had while in this role were that he revitalized the student poster competition. “The ISPE Student Poster Competition is an annual competition held by local ISPE Affiliates and Chapters before 31 July each year. The poster presentation consists of a visual display of research findings combined with an interactive question and answer period with a panel of judges. Local winners advance to the International Student Poster Competition at the ISPE Annual Meeting.” (ISPE.org). In addition, he also helped establish the student chapter at Cal Poly Pomona. Moving forward a couple of years, in 2017, Justin became the ISPE LA President. He hosted a successful planning session, executive night, golf tournament, and vendor night. Justin was then granted the opportunity to represent the chapter at the ISPE Annual Meeting.

Justin continues to inspire people and make an impact with his hard work and dedication to the chapter. He is a great example to all and represents PSC™ very well. Stay tuned with more accomplishment stories to come!