Written By: Leah Bonugli, Marketing Specialist, PSC Biotech

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) is dedicated to advancing the educational and technical efficiency of its members. ISPE was founded in 1980 by a handful of individuals who felt the pharmaceutical industry needed an association for technical practitioners to deal with practical applications of science and technology. ISPE started with a North American membership of engineers, but over time ISPE membership grew to include a wide representation of pharmaceutical practitioners outside engineering. ISPE members lead and promote the production of next generation process technology and innovative technological solutions.  ISPE works on related regulatory matters, such as the licensing of facilities, production processes and activities and the sustainability of the supply chain over the product lifecycle.  ISPE’s core values are accountability, collaboration, professional excellence, integrity, and respect.

ISPE membership represents all the scientific and technological fields of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Through their involvement in ISPE operations, engineers, microbiologists, chemists, QA/QC, engineering, process development, pharmacists, regulatory and training workers, academia, manufacturers, and other professionals contribute their expertise to the industry. PSC Biotech® has a handful of employees involved with ISPE.

Brandon Clough, PSC’s Director of Business Development and Operations, is on the working group for Emerging Leaders, formerly known as Young Professionals. The working group mentors people who are starting their career in the life science industry or people who are looking to transition from school to the life science industry. Brandon is also on the national working group for Women in Pharma mentoring and participating in various events throughout the year.


Jasmine Cho, Program Manager at PSC™ serves on the Board of Directors for the ISPE Greater Los Angeles Chapter (ISPE GLA) as Co-Chair for the Social Committee. She directs and plans all social events for ISPE LA and creates social media for all ISPE LA events and webinars. Jasmine also serves as the Industry Advisor for the Cal Poly Pomona ISPE Student Chapter, providing guidance, support, and engaging with ISPE CPP students with industry questions, presentations, webinars, and resume workshops.


Justin Cantor, Chief Strategy Officer at PSC™ is on the Board of Directors for the ISPE GLA.  Justin joined ISPE in 2003 and after years of service became ISPE GLA President in 2017.  Justin has increased and improved social media involvement, organized social programs and webinars and is a webinar host for the ISPE GLA.

ISPE was created 40 years ago as a small group of innovative pharmaceutical engineers. Today, ISPE represents over 18,000 professionals, in more than 90 countries. PSC™ takes great pride in being a part of ISPE and strongly encourages PSC staff to join, volunteer, and support your local ISPE chapter where you can expand your knowledge within your industry, network, and advance within your career!