Written By: Paige Curtis, Marketing Specialist, PSC Biotech®

The COVID-19 vaccine requires storage in a controlled environment at ultra-low temperatures ranging from -123°F to -49°F (-86°C to -45°C). Due to the huge demand for vaccines across the world, companies are turning towards freezer farms, facilities of deep freeze units, to store the vaccine.

Lives International® Temperature Loggers are GMP compliant and are designed to validate ultra-low freezers for the storage of vaccines and any other products that require temperature control. These loggers are highly efficient and speed up the process of validating these freezers and chambers. An additional benefit to this data logger is it highly reliable and has the accuracy you need to minimize uncertainty. The data logger increases transparency by sending the data in real-time and bringing the flexibility of remote controls.

Lives International® Temperature Logger Solutions are easy to program and install. Multiple users can share the data base at the same time while no data is lost during the validation process.


Our team at PSC Biotech® is able to provide an effective solution to tracking temperature with Lives International® Temperature Loggers. Save time without sacrificing the importance of compliance when dealing with the COVID-19 vaccine.

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