Written By: Christy Nguyen, CQV Engineer I -Technical Writer, PSC Biotech®

What makes a successful engineer? Moreover, what makes a successful employee? At PSC Biotech®, we train our employees to be well-versed in multiple skill sets, allowing for maximum efficiency output amongst our teams.

Times are changing in the modern world, and the life science industry is no exception. The evolving industry has caused a shift in the demand for engineers. Though engineers are still required to have a strong science and math background, there are other fundamental skills they must learn in order to achieve success. Writing, business, and communication skills for example, are still greatly needed in a well-rounded, successful engineer. Likewise, it is useful for engineers to be able to work and communicate effectively with non-technical personnel, which further enhances the engineer’s ability to work on a wider range of projects. You can call these skills cross-training skills, but the fact is that they have become a necessity for engineers to succeed in the growing industry.

Group of people looking at a screen

At PSC®, we do cross-training and we ensure that our employees are well attuned to both current and emergent technical and non-technical skillsets.
According to Edgepoint Learning, 6 major benefits to cross-training employees include:

• Great return on investment
• Better collaboration
• Increases employee motivation
• Increases workforce sustainability
• Improves efficiency
• Makes your company more agile

Think about a time where you were on a successful team, or a team where you were most productive. Chances are, that team had like-minded individuals who collaborated well and saw a common vision. The team was well-rounded, and they understood the process, even though they might not have had direct contact with it. In my own experience as a validation engineer specializing in technical writing, I was given the support needed from a validation engineering perspective, as well as those from a technical writing perspective. With a broadened perspective in mind, PSC Biotech® had managed to arm me with the correct skillset in order to deliver successful project for our clients.

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