Written By: Erin Li, Channel Partnership Intern, PSC Biotech®

PSC Biotech® (“PSC®”) is a global life sciences software solutions and consulting company. There are now over 1,400 incubators in the United States, bringing great value to the life science industry startups with laboratory spaces, seed funding, mentorship, education, and investor opportunities. PSC® partners with life science incubators and startups to accelerate the realization of the startup’s products and to help bring life changing products into the life sciences industry. This is the PSC Incubator Program to get startups’ innovative products and services to market quickly, effectively, and efficiently using PSC’s® professional expertise and regulatory knowledge. With over 25 years of experience in the life sciences industry, PSC® can provide startups with top-tier expertise in each and very stage of a project, from generating thorough, comprehensive project plans to reaching extensive production operations.

How did the PSC Incubator Program start? Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s (BIO), the largest trade organization that represents the biotechnology industry, chose PSC® as its preferred partner for professional consulting services and electronic quality management software (EQMS) products. PSC’s® is a proud partner in the BIO BBS Program which allows start-up companies to leverage PSC’s® expertise.

Startups can get discounts through the PSC Incubator Program discounts on PSC Software® products that have provided systematic cloud-based and downloadable software solutions for life science companies around the globe for over 10 years. PSC’s Software® products include AuditUtopia®, ACE®, and ACE Essentials™.

• ACE Essentials™: ACE Essentials™ allows startups to have a fully compliant quality management system from day one. ACE Essentials™ is a fully IOPQ validated system for any stage, preclinical, stage 1, and stage 2 company that comes equipped with 35+ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), 10 Preconfigured workflows, and 80+ document types.

• ACE®: ACE® is the enterprise version of ACE Essentials™ that allows your company to configure everything to fit the way your company wants to work. ACE® can adapt to any business process, allowing for real-time tracking, management, and reporting of all compliance, quality, and operational activities.

Startups can get discounts through the PSC Incubator Program discounts on PSC’s® professional services, including Computer Systems Validation (CSV), Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV), Quality Assurance, Technical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Metrology, Engineering, and Project Management.

Startups can get discounts through the PSC Incubator Program discounts on educational webinars and seminars such as Regulatory Expectations from a Startup Company, Why Gap Assessments are Important to Accelerate Success, Data Integrity, Thermal Mapping is NOT a one-time occurrence, The Importance of Evaluating Old Validation Plan, and more.

Startups can gain access to PSC’s® vast network of life science subject matter experts and investors.

The PSC Incubator Program allows incubators and startups to partner and accelerate the life science industry by leveraging PSC’s® expertise, software, and professional services. When you become a part of the PSC Incubator Program, you gain access to PSC’s® Professional Services, PSC Software®, PSC’s Educational Webinars and Seminars, PSC’s® vast network of Subject Matter Experts and Investors, and much more. Call us today.

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