Written By: Erin Li, Channel Partnership Intern, PSC Biotech®

The PSC Channel Partnerships Program allows industry leaders to partner and accelerate the life science industry by leveraging each other’s areas of expertise.   

The PSC Channel Partners Program operates on three different partnership models.   

  • Revenue Partner: As part of a Revenue Partner, our partnership will focus on revenue generation. 
  • Referral Partner:  As part of a Referral Partner, our partnership will include referrals and introductions.  
  • Marketing and Education Partner:  As a Marketing and Education Partner, our partnership will focus on marketing and branding efforts.   

We designed the PSC Channel Partnerships Program to enable partners to grow in revenue, opportunity, and brand recognition. PSC is currently seeking partners from the following industries:  

  • Value Added Resellers (VAR) for Software  
  • Construction Firms  
  • Trade Organizations  
  • Incubators  
  • Universities
  • Calibration Companies
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Equipment Manufacturers  
  • Life Science Marketing Companies

If  you want to expand your company’s growth through a partnership with PSC,

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