Pomona – 06/10/2021 – PSC Biotech® and PSC Software™ today announced the immediate availability of the Beta version of ACE SuperVision, a module that integrates wearable technology devices with PSC’s™ Adaptative Compliance Engine® (ACE™).  ACE SuperVision Beta allows users to browse ACE™ records, follow predefined workflows, record, view, verify, and submit data to their ACE™ instance will be available first using the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 wearable technology.  This new version enables live video calls implementing Zoom, and features secure login, time out functionality and other features account security and data integrity features.   

Future releases of ACE SuperVision will add capabilities for additional wearable and portable technology devices. 

ACE SuperVision takes our ACE™ electronic quality management system (eQMS) to the next level, adding the flexibility of wearable technology, to provide capability to integrate on-line data acquisition, remote inspection and validation, and execution and monitoring operations.  ACE SuperVision adds to the industry leading ACE™ eQMS value proposition.

Dr. Charles Heldebrant

CSO, PSC Biotech®

The development of the new module is a product of PSC Software’s™ customer feedback driven commitment to develop and deliver the electronic Quality Management System that meets all of our customers need.  

Contact your PSC Software™ representative or PSC Software for availability of ACE SuperVision Beta.