PSC™ has recently taken the software you know and love, ACE™, and integrated it with Google Glass Enterprise! ACE SuperVision™ allows companies like yours to put safety first while streamlining your workflow processes. Together, you will have the same capabilities you’re used to in a new and innovative form! With ACE SuperVision™ on Google Glass, employees can integrate instructions and outcomes in real-time. Employees are free from bulky clipboards, phones, and tablets for faster and safer work. Additionally, Google Glass provides another layer of protection by meeting safety goggle standards. Now your company can be more efficient while being safer than ever!

What is it?​

ACE SuperVision™ is an application from PSC Software™ that integrates wearable technology devices with PSC™’s Electronic Quality Management System, ACE™. With this system, requests can be sent to the user’s device to be filled. Also, ACE SuperVision™ syncs Google Glass documentation to your ACE™ database. ​​

Why we need it?​

Before COVID-19, industry trends showed a growing interest in hosting inspections and audits in remote settings. During COVID-19, PSC Software™ anticipated the urgency to develop a solution for remote inspections and audits. We want to expedite bringing products to market and improving the quality of life for patients.​

Who will use it?​

Any industry that hosts audits and inspections will capitalize from using ACE SuperVision™ on wearable devices. ACE SuperVision™ has numerous features, including Speech to Text, Audio Recording, Video Recording, Taking Photo Images, Scanning QR Codes, Video calls, Text Instruction, and more. For example, you can host audits and inspections virtually, view instructions from your glasses, and operate equipment safely with both hands! 

ACE SuperVision for Google Glass

Current Problems

  • Restrictions for personal interaction due to COVID-19 have created delays in regulatory and supplier auditing.
  • Some industrial environments require a lot of hands-on activities and handheld devices.
  • Users might need to utilize other devices to browse instructions frequently.

Our Solution – ACE SuperVision™

  • ACE SuperVision™ supports virtual Video calls such as Zoom and Jitsi.
  • Both parties can progress in audit activities via a remote environment.
  • An operator, calibration technician, or QC Analyst can conduct activities hands-free, improving productivity and safety.
  • Provide predefined request instructions on the screen of the wearable device for easy follow-up.

PSC™’s newest software, ACE SuperVision™, is at the forefront of efficacy solutions in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. We created software for rapid and agile data gathering, equipment management, workflow mastery, audits, and more. Be on the cutting edge with wearable devices and enhance your capabilities!

If you are interested in our adaptive compliance engine, ACE™ go to PSC Software™. Furthermore, contact Emily Lee for information and Ryan Ciarcia for purchasing! In addition, enhance your progress with our professional services at PSC Biotech™.