Quality for small businesses is often overlooked. Creating and establishing a small business is not an easy endeavor – it requires hard work and dedication. Quality is the foundation that will bring that small business alive. It is at the core of any successful product. Grow your business around the principle of quality to capture the significance of the product and how it adds value to the life of the consumer.

This white paper lays out an introduction to quality management and lays out a plan for you to get started implementing quality assurance. Specifically designed for the food industry, this white paper addresses concerns across businesses such as cannabis, coffee shops, cupcake stalls, and more! 

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Quality System Standards
    • Acryonyms
    • Action Items
    • Acknowledgements

Authored by: Candice Harris

Edited by: Crystal McClain

Quality for Small Business in the Food Industry White Paper

Download the Quality for Small Businesses in the Food industry White Paper!

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