December 13th, 2021 | Pomona, CA (USA)

The PSC Biotech® Board of Directors has promoted Justin Jay to Chief Operating Officer (COO) as of December 10, 2021. Justin comes to the COO role after serving as PSC Biotech’s Director of Technical Operations. Justin joined PSC Biotech two years ago as the Director of Mid-Atlantic Operations and has quickly proven to be invaluable to the organization. As an operations and business development executive, Justin brings skills and experiences that align well with PSC Biotech’s priorities – spearheading and executing time-sensitive clinical and commercial manufacturing initiatives for global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations.

Justin brings nearly 20 years of operations and business development experience in the private and public sectors as COO of PSC Biotech.

With a career devoted to life science, Justin has first-hand experience in almost every aspect of the business – from research and development to clinical project management to manufacturing operations to commercial oversight. His diversified background, entrepreneurial spirit, and agile adaptivity allow Justin to deliver operations leadership, sales management, strategy, and innovation that optimize projects of all sizes, complexity, and duration for success.

Justin’s prior experience includes serving as a project and portfolio management leader for global biologics manufacturing sites, directing late-stage drug development projects for major international pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, Justin has experience designing project management infrastructures that seamlessly incorporate into more comprehensive global development planning efforts.

An adept cross-team facilitator with a successful track record in developing, optimizing, and scaling projects and technologies, Justin’s background is making a significant contribution to helping PSC Biotech work effectively under aggressive timelines, challenging logistics, and complex requirements.

PSC is delighted for Justin to join the Senior Management team alongside our Chief Executive Officer and other corporate officers.

Congratulations on your appointment as COO, Justin Jay!

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