Microbial contamination control encompasses many areas in the manufacturing process. You can control contamination using multiple practices and procedures aiming to minimize contamination. In this white paper, we provide valuable information on the history, validity, purpose, and implementation strategies for Microbial Contamination Control. 

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Control Priorities
    • Personnel
    • Procedures
    • Facility Design
    • Monitoring
    • Summary
    • Acknowledgements

As a global leader specializing in Engineering consulting services, PSC Biotech® works to ensure life sciences companies’ processes are functional and fully compliant with FDA and EMA guidelines. Our goals are to provide tailored professional services, act as a seamless extension of life science companies, assist you in producing the highest quality products possible, and ensure processes are functional and in full compliance. Also, see our equipment rentals section for CLiMET® particle counters and air samplers and more! 

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Microbial Contamination Control White Paper

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