PSC Biotech® has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia. PSC operates in 52 countries globally and has served thousands of clients to date. Since PSC Biotech® is a recognized name with over 25 years of experience, we have many jobs ready and upcoming on new projects. PSC® provides consulting services, software solutions, equipment rentals, and sales and manufacturing. We focus on providing quality consulting services to ensure our client’s success. PSC delivers cost-effective solutions while providing exceptional technical capabilities and customer service to our clients for all projects ranging from supplier quality audits to greenfield projects. We offer a range of job opportunities; here are a few areas that we frequently seek to fulfill.


We continually have positions available for engineers. What type of engineers? All sorts! We employ Commissioning and Qualification Engineers, Manufacturing Systems Engineers, Computer Systems Engineers, Validation Engineers, Quality Engineers, and more. If you have a degree in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or electrical engineering, we may have a job for you! If we don’t have an opportunity right now, stay tuned! As PSC Biotech® is continually expanding, we are hiring engineers. We have opportunities across the career span – ranging from interns to regional managers.


Project Management

PSC Biotech® assigns a Project Manager to each project. The Project Manager utilizes our exclusively developed Project Tracker (PT) software to maintain an accurate and up-to-date deliverable document status. PSC Biotech® provides project management training to its employees. Managers are needed across the board – in our metrology lab, purchasing, business development, and more.

Life Sciences

Quality assurance consultants come from various backgrounds, including the life sciences. For example, microbiologists are needed for environmental monitoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Biochemistry and molecular biology graduates are needed to do testing in laboratories and provide support for standard operating procedure development.

Supporting Staff

With talent acquisition specialists, we continue to hire new employees. For efficient and effective consulting, we need support staff such as maintenance specialists, writers, administrators, coordinators, and more.


Why join PSC Biotech®

Upward mobility, flexible hours, training opportunities, a benefits package, and good pay are hard to turn down. PSC Biotech® is a great company to start as a consultant with a supportive environment for young and experienced consultants. Offering a full suite of benefits, PSC Biotech® is firmly focused on diligently investing in our employees who enable our company to fulfill our mission and achieve success. We want to promote balance to enjoy your work and have the time and resources to live happily and healthy! We offer medical, vision, dental, and supplemental insurance options. Additional benefits include pet insurance discounts, education assistance, gym discount rate, and 401K options. Plus, we give generous PTO!

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