With the ever-changing mechanics of innovation in the manufacturing environment, work from home and federal regulation validation strategies need to evolve to accommodate the new space. This white paper provides the background, rationale, and strategy for innovating validation for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. We focus on adapting to the unique challenges that advanced cell and gene therapy manufacturing encounters. How do you overcome supply chain, cost, volume, and speed and sensitivity issues specific to advanced cell and gene therapy products? Read this whitepaper for the latest in innovative strategies.

Table of Contents

    • History
    • The Concept
    • Issues in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing
    • Innovative Strategies Overview
    • PDCA Cycle
    • Productivity Tools
    • Paperless Validation
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Cross-functional Teams
    • The Five Pillars
    • Strategies for Bringing Innovative Cell and Gene Therapies to Market
    • Summary
    • About Us
Innovation in Validation: Advancing Cell and Gene Therapies White Paper

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