We’ve added 6 new languages to the suite of PSC Software® applications. Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE® ) and AuditUtopia powered by ACE® now supports Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), German and Japanese. PSC Software is dedicated to expanding access to its industry-leading eQMS and audit management software.

PSC Software continues to grow and add new features. As always, our users receive upgrades like additional languages, new modules, and the latest SOPs at no additional charge. We’re grateful for the global community of ACE users and strive to provide a seamless user experience for all.

To select a different language, please follow the below steps:

How to Enable System Languages in ACE®


1. Log in as a support user for the instance you want to enable languages for.

2. Go to System under the Administration wheel.

3. Go to System Configuration tab under Support User Settings on left menu.

a. Select desired languages that you want to enable.

4. Press Submit to save changes.

How to Change System Language in ACE®

(These languages can be changed once a support user has enabled language options per instance).

1. Go to System under the Administration wheel.

2. Go to General Configuration tab under Global Settings on the left menu.

a. Go to Internalization Settings and pick your desired System Language.

b. Users will only see languages options for the enabled languages done by the support user.

3. Press Submit at bottom of the page to save changes


4. If you wish for User Input Language to be enabled, you can toggle on the option under Internalization Settings and select desired language.

How to Change User Language in ACE®

1. Go to My Profile under user avatar.

2. Go to User Preferences under Profile Settings in the left menu.


3. Under Internalization Settings, select the desired System language.

a. For User Input Language, enable toggle and select desired language.

PSC Software® is a trusted, industry-leading, cloud-native provider of quality management software with particular specialization in meeting the needs of pharmaceutical, medical device, and other highly regulated industries. During our 13 years, we have worked with both industry leaders and start-ups to ensure they reach their quality and compliance goals. Our mission is to develop our software to be intuitive to use, easy to learn, and flexible to fit each company’s needs. 

For more questions and support contact info@pscsoftware.com

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