With the advent of global competition, maintaining quality standards has become increasingly important for companies in these industries. As a result, many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are turning to electronic quality management software (eQMS) solutions to automate their quality control processes to meet these standards.  

This blog will explore the different features and benefits of eQMS software, how it can help businesses reach their desired level of excellence, and how PSC software® can help with our industry-leading eQMS software.     

What is a Quality Management Software?   

An eQMS is a tool that allows companies to manage and monitor their quality operations in an efficient centralized manner. When applied to the product life cycle, an eQMS helps drive the quality of the product through ideation, development, prototyping, production, and distribution. This is accomplished through specific software modules for prototyping, development, file tracking, employee training, quality event management, supplier management, and more.   

With a quality management system in place, businesses better adhere to their processes while identifying inefficiencies and areas that need improvement.   

What are the advantages of using eQMS software?   

The advantages of using eQMS software are:

Improved efficiency: eQMS software can help organizations streamline their quality management processes, which leads to more efficient operations. This allows employees to work more efficiently when reviewing documents, completing training, and more.   

Enhanced collaboration: eQMS software often includes tools for collaboration, such as document sharing and discussion forums, which can help teams improve their quality operations through collaborative feedback.   

Increased accuracy: By automating specific quality management tasks, QMS software can help reduce the risk of human errors and improve the accuracy of quality-related data. Companies no longer need to manually track the periodic review times for documents, re-training, and more.   

Enhanced customer satisfaction: By improving the quality of products and services, QMS software can help organizations provide their exceptionally best products and services to the market, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.   

Improved business performance: By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of quality management processes, eQMS software can help organizations increase overall business performance and, thus, competitiveness.   

 Improved regulatory compliance: All the improvements above culminate in an enhanced regulatory compliance position by removing room for human error and enforcing common sense checks and balances on the organization.     

PSC’s eQMS Software   

PSC Software® has developed a comprehensive eQMS software tailored to meet the needs of any organization. Our eQMS software provides a wide range of features, such as:      

  • Document management: manage and track company documents to ensure that the latest versions are available to the correct employees.   
  • Process improvement: monitor process performance and identify areas for improvement.   
  • Training: manage and track employees’ educational courses and provide feedback as needed.    
  • Quality Events: Track product and process quality and ensure conformance to standards.   
  • Reporting: Generate dynamic reports to support compliance and risk management via actionable information.   
  • Supplier Management   
  • Inspection Management   
  • Paperless Validation   
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management  

We’ve designed our software to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Our intuitive user interface and comprehensive documentation make it the most accessible software in the industry to get started with.  We provide customer support to help our customers get the most out of our software. Our customer support team is eager to answer your questions and helps you set up your system through comprehensive onboarding and training experience.   

If you’re looking for a QMS software to help you move from paper to an electronic solution, improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and streamline your quality management processes, then PSC software® is a perfect choice. 

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