Highly Potent Parenteral Manufacturing for Tomorrow’s Lifesaving Medicine

BioTechnique™: Leverage the Power of Our Contract Manufacturing Facility

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, BioTechnique™ is PSC Biotech Corporation’s contract manufacturing facility. Focused on delivering an aseptic manufacturing environment, BioTechnique™ offers a cGMP compliant contract manufacturing partnership. We partner with companies that are committed to producing high potency, life-saving drugs, while also meeting ongoing American market drug shortages. Through BioTechnique™, we offer the following capabilities:

  • Specialization in highly potent aseptic manufacturing in isolators. We are compliant with SafeBridge Consultant’s best operating practices for highly potent facilities
  • Addressing manufacturing needs related to complex formulations such as antibody drug conjugates, nano particles, liposomes and more
  • Providing the highest levels of precision in manufacturing life-saving products
  • Delivery of regulatory and lab support

We have designed BioTechnique™ to be a highly configurable facility based upon your needs, specific product requirements, and individualized process design. Ultimately, we are capable of addressing even the most challenging manufacturing engagement, and fully employ all resources within our team’s wheelhouse, in order to help your organization, bring your life-saving drug to market.

For more information on why global life sciences companies trust our leading-edge manufacturing facilities with their products, contact us today.

  • Global Reach

    We work with clients around the globe to manufacture a wide range of sterile injectables.



    Beyond contract manufacturing, we’re researching the latest nanotechnology therapies to find a cure for cancer.


    Cloud eQMS

    BioTechnique™ uses ACE™, our eQMS system that creates and tracks records, documents, and dynamic reports.


    Time Investment

    Time is important. We accommodate to your timeline and your needs.