ACE SuperVision™ for Google Glass Enterprise 2.0

ACE SuperVision™ for Google Glass Enterprise 2.0

PSC™ has recently taken the software you know and love, ACE™, and integrated it with Google Glass Enterprise! ACE SuperVision™ allows companies like yours to put safety first while streamlining your workflow processes. Together, you will have the same capabilities you’re used to in a new and innovative form! With ACE SuperVision™ on Google Glass, employees can integrate instructions and outcomes in real-time. Employees are free from bulky clipboards, phones, and tablets for faster and safer work. Additionally, Google Glass provides another layer of protection by meeting safety goggle standards. Now your company can be more efficient while being safer than ever!

What is it?​

ACE SuperVision™ is an application from PSC Software™ that integrates wearable technology devices with PSC™’s Electronic Quality Management System, ACE™. With this system, requests can be sent to the user’s device to be filled. Also, ACE SuperVision™ syncs Google Glass documentation to your ACE™ database. ​​

Why we need it?​

Before COVID-19, industry trends showed a growing interest in hosting inspections and audits in remote settings. During COVID-19, PSC Software™ anticipated the urgency to develop a solution for remote inspections and audits. We want to expedite bringing products to market and improving the quality of life for patients.​

Who will use it?​

Any industry that hosts audits and inspections will capitalize from using ACE SuperVision™ on wearable devices. ACE SuperVision™ has numerous features, including Speech to Text, Audio Recording, Video Recording, Taking Photo Images, Scanning QR Codes, Video calls, Text Instruction, and more. For example, you can host audits and inspections virtually, view instructions from your glasses, and operate equipment safely with both hands! 

ACE SuperVision for Google Glass

Current Problems

  • Restrictions for personal interaction due to COVID-19 have created delays in regulatory and supplier auditing.
  • Some industrial environments require a lot of hands-on activities and handheld devices.
  • Users might need to utilize other devices to browse instructions frequently.

Our Solution – ACE SuperVision™

  • ACE SuperVision™ supports virtual Video calls such as Zoom and Jitsi.
  • Both parties can progress in audit activities via a remote environment.
  • An operator, calibration technician, or QC Analyst can conduct activities hands-free, improving productivity and safety.
  • Provide predefined request instructions on the screen of the wearable device for easy follow-up.

PSC™’s newest software, ACE SuperVision™, is at the forefront of efficacy solutions in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. We created software for rapid and agile data gathering, equipment management, workflow mastery, audits, and more. Be on the cutting edge with wearable devices and enhance your capabilities!

If you are interested in our adaptive compliance engine, ACE™ go to PSC Software™. Furthermore, contact Emily Lee for information and Ryan Ciarcia for purchasing! In addition, enhance your progress with our professional services at PSC Biotech™.

SuperVision Launches Today!

SuperVision Launches Today!

Pomona – 06/10/2021 – PSC Biotech® and PSC Software™ today announced the immediate availability of the Beta version of ACE SuperVision, a module that integrates wearable technology devices with PSC’s™ Adaptative Compliance Engine® (ACE™).  ACE SuperVision Beta allows users to browse ACE™ records, follow predefined workflows, record, view, verify, and submit data to their ACE™ instance will be available first using the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 wearable technology.  This new version enables live video calls implementing Zoom, and features secure login, time out functionality and other features account security and data integrity features.   

Future releases of ACE SuperVision will add capabilities for additional wearable and portable technology devices. 

ACE SuperVision takes our ACE™ electronic quality management system (eQMS) to the next level, adding the flexibility of wearable technology, to provide capability to integrate on-line data acquisition, remote inspection and validation, and execution and monitoring operations.  ACE SuperVision adds to the industry leading ACE™ eQMS value proposition.

Dr. Charles Heldebrant

CSO, PSC Biotech®

The development of the new module is a product of PSC Software’s™ customer feedback driven commitment to develop and deliver the electronic Quality Management System that meets all of our customers need.  

Contact your PSC Software™ representative or PSC Software for availability of ACE SuperVision Beta. 

BioTechnique® Launches New Facility to Support Clients With Their CDMO Manufacturing/ Fill-Finish

BioTechnique® Launches New Facility to Support Clients With Their CDMO Manufacturing/ Fill-Finish


York, PA – BioTechnique®, a contract development and research organization (CDMO), announced the acquisition of a large manufacturing/ fill- finish facility located in York, Pennsylvania. This facility replaces BioTechnique’s® former Madison, Wisconsin site divested in 2018. 

BioTechnique® will offer formulation and aseptic fill/finish services with lyophilization capacity for both clinical and commercial clients. The 163,885 square foot manufacturing facility is situated on 38 acres of land. The facility was constructed in 2010 and has 120,000 square feet of combined warehouse and manufacturing space, of which 42,000 square feet are ISO 7 and ISO 8 cleanrooms. Justin Cantor, Chief Strategy Officer of PSC Biotech® and BioTechnique®,  says “Our new facility has a significant size advantage relative to many other CDMOs. We believe having the extra production space will allow our clinical customers to confidently proceed to commercial manufacturing in the same facility with the same staff to ensure minimal disruptions when scaling to commercial volumes. Additionally, this is not only an opportunity to bring more jobs to the area, but it also allows us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing contract manufacturing needs necessitated by COVID-19”. 

The York County Economic Alliance, the Governor’s Action Team and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provided financing support. PSC Biotech Corporation and Samuel Li and Susan Yang of East West Bank completed the transaction.  

The new BioTechnique® facility features:  

  • 163,885 square feet of innovative technology and automated state-of-the-art manufacturing systemsto ensure drug product quality. 
  • Future physical plant growth and expansion opportunities on the site. 
  • Capability to produce sterile injectable drugs from clinical to commercial batch sizes. 
  • Career opportunities for at least 100 new production, research & developmentengineering, quality, and sales staff

BioTechnique® is actively seeking partners and innovative life sciences companies in search of a world class manufacturing platform.  

About BioTechnique®: BioTechnique® is a sterile injectable manufacturing company dedicated to providing cytotoxic and high potency sterile injectable fill-finish services. From investigational/clinical to final marketed product, BioTechnique® can provide fill finish services to batch sizes both big and small. Learn more at  

PSC’s Channel Partnership Program | Expand Your Company’s Growth

PSC’s Channel Partnership Program | Expand Your Company’s Growth

Written By: Erin Li, Channel Partnership Intern, PSC Biotech®

The PSC Channel Partnerships Program allows industry leaders to partner and accelerate the life science industry by leveraging each other’s areas of expertise.  

The PSC Channel Partners Program operates on three different partnership models.  

  • Revenue Partner:As part of a Revenue Partner, our partnership will focus on revenue generation.
  • Referral Partner: As part of a Referral Partner, our partnership will include referrals and introductions. 
  • Marketing and Education Partner: As a Marketing and Education Partner, our partnership will focus on marketing and branding efforts. 
            Channel Partnership

            We designed the PSC Channel Partnerships Program to enable partners to grow in revenue, opportunity, and brand recognition. PSC is currently seeking partners from the following industries: 

            • Value Added Resellers (VAR) for Software 
            • Construction Firms 
            • Trade Organizations 
            • Incubators 
            • Universities
            • Calibration Companies
            • Venture Capital Firms
            • Equipment Manufacturers 
            • Life Science Marketing Companies 


              If you want to expand your company’s growth through a partnership with PSC, contact 

              How PSC® Brings Value to Incubators

              How PSC® Brings Value to Incubators

              Written By: Erin Li, Channel Partnership Intern, PSC Biotech®

              PSC Biotech® (“PSC®”) is a global life sciences software solutions and consulting company. There are now over 1,400 incubators in the United States, bringing great value to the life science industry startups with laboratory spaces, seed funding, mentorship, education, and investor opportunities. PSC® partners with life science incubators and startups to accelerate the realization of the startup’s products and to help bring life changing products into the life sciences industry. This is the PSC Incubator Program to get startups’ innovative products and services to market quickly, effectively, and efficiently using PSC’s® professional expertise and regulatory knowledge. With over 25 years of experience in the life sciences industry, PSC® can provide startups with top-tier expertise in each and very stage of a project, from generating thorough, comprehensive project plans to reaching extensive production operations.

              How did the PSC Incubator Program start? Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s (BIO), the largest trade organization that represents the biotechnology industry, chose PSC® as its preferred partner for professional consulting services and electronic quality management software (EQMS) products. PSC’s® is a proud partner in the BIO BBS Program which allows start-up companies to leverage PSC’s® expertise.

              Startups can get discounts through the PSC Incubator Program discounts on PSC Software® products that have provided systematic cloud-based and downloadable software solutions for life science companies around the globe for over 10 years. PSC’s Software® products include AuditUtopia®, ACE®, and ACE Essentials™.

              • ACE Essentials™: ACE Essentials™ allows startups to have a fully compliant quality management system from day one. ACE Essentials™ is a fully IOPQ validated system for any stage, preclinical, stage 1, and stage 2 company that comes equipped with 35+ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), 10 Preconfigured workflows, and 80+ document types.

              • ACE®: ACE® is the enterprise version of ACE Essentials™ that allows your company to configure everything to fit the way your company wants to work. ACE® can adapt to any business process, allowing for real-time tracking, management, and reporting of all compliance, quality, and operational activities.

              Startups can get discounts through the PSC Incubator Program discounts on PSC’s® professional services, including Computer Systems Validation (CSV), Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV), Quality Assurance, Technical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Metrology, Engineering, and Project Management.

              Startups can get discounts through the PSC Incubator Program discounts on educational webinars and seminars such as Regulatory Expectations from a Startup Company, Why Gap Assessments are Important to Accelerate Success, Data Integrity, Thermal Mapping is NOT a one-time occurrence, The Importance of Evaluating Old Validation Plan, and more.

              Startups can gain access to PSC’s® vast network of life science subject matter experts and investors.

              The PSC Incubator Program allows incubators and startups to partner and accelerate the life science industry by leveraging PSC’s® expertise, software, and professional services. When you become a part of the PSC Incubator Program, you gain access to PSC’s® Professional Services, PSC Software®, PSC’s Educational Webinars and Seminars, PSC’s® vast network of Subject Matter Experts and Investors, and much more. Call us today.

              How PSC® Promotes Cross-Training, a Necessity for the Industry and the Future

              How PSC® Promotes Cross-Training, a Necessity for the Industry and the Future

              Written By: Christy Nguyen, CQV Engineer I -Technical Writer, PSC Biotech®

              What makes a successful engineer? Moreover, what makes a successful employee? At PSC Biotech®, we train our employees to be well-versed in multiple skill sets, allowing for maximum efficiency output amongst our teams.

              Times are changing in the modern world, and the life science industry is no exception. The evolving industry has caused a shift in the demand for engineers. Though engineers are still required to have a strong science and math background, there are other fundamental skills they must learn in order to achieve success. Writing, business, and communication skills for example, are still greatly needed in a well-rounded, successful engineer. Likewise, it is useful for engineers to be able to work and communicate effectively with non-technical personnel, which further enhances the engineer’s ability to work on a wider range of projects. You can call these skills cross-training skills, but the fact is that they have become a necessity for engineers to succeed in the growing industry.

              Group of people looking at a screen

              At PSC®, we do cross-training and we ensure that our employees are well attuned to both current and emergent technical and non-technical skillsets.
              According to Edgepoint Learning, 6 major benefits to cross-training employees include:

              • Great return on investment
              • Better collaboration
              • Increases employee motivation
              • Increases workforce sustainability
              • Improves efficiency
              • Makes your company more agile

              Think about a time where you were on a successful team, or a team where you were most productive. Chances are, that team had like-minded individuals who collaborated well and saw a common vision. The team was well-rounded, and they understood the process, even though they might not have had direct contact with it. In my own experience as a validation engineer specializing in technical writing, I was given the support needed from a validation engineering perspective, as well as those from a technical writing perspective. With a broadened perspective in mind, PSC Biotech® had managed to arm me with the correct skillset in order to deliver successful project for our clients.

              Source: employees/#:~:text=6%20benefits%20of%20cross-training%20employees.%201%201.%20Great,workforce%20sustainability.%205%205.%20Improves%20efficiency.%20More%20items

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