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Our goal is to provide cutting-edge instrumentation and equipment, while fully delivering the support you need to realize operational best practices. Customers trust our factory-trained technicians to perform calibration and certification on the equipment you rent from us or bring in to us for maintenance. We promise reliable equipment – the same top brand equipment we use and technical support to assist you with any of your metrology equipment service needs. We also offer Equipment Rentals.

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PSC Biotech® provides leading-edge validation equipment, such as CLiMET, manufacturer of aerosol particle counters and microbial air samplers. A pioneer in the field, CLiMET has a proven track record of customer inspired innovation, technology, and design. At PSC Biotech®, our metrology unit possesses considerable skills in equipment installation, commission, and validation at worldwide facilities.

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Lives International

Our metrology unit is proud to be a distributor of validation equipment for use in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and diagnostics industries at a rental basis to fit the ever-changing needs of your company. PSC Biotech® provides leading-edge validation equipment from Lives International for thermal validation and mapping solutions that allow your facility to remain compliant and competitive. 

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