CI-3100 RS Non-Viable Particle Counter

The CI-3100 RS (Remote Sensor) Series is a 2-channel particle counter used in continuous monitoring applications in a variety of industries – generally Grade A or B (ISO 5) clean zones. The CI-3100 RS requires both an external vacuum pump and DC power. Users have a choice of standard data interface options including RS-485 Modbus, or 4-20 mA outputs. Alternatively, our CI-3100 OPT and CI-3100 Trident versions contain an internal power supply and vacuum pump eliminating the need of an external air source and vacuum tubing.

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A = Data Communications Options
3 = 4-20 mA with Flow Status, open collector output*
4 = 4-20 mA with Flow Status, analog flow voltage output
5 = RS-485 Modbus with Flow Status*

B = Size Sensitivity Options
5 = 0.5 µm and 5.0 µm*

C= Flow Rate Options
6 = 0.10 CFM
8 = 1.00 CFM*
9 = 0.01 CFM

* = Most common