CI-99 Viable Air Sampler

The CI-99 is able to accommodate either industry standard 90 mm petri dishes, or RODAC plates; and is available in either 25 LPM, 1 CFM, or 100 LPM flow rates. The lower flow rates of 25 LPM or 1 CFM are recommended for continuous monitoring applications. Testing has confirmed that up to 3 hours (possibly longer) of continuous sampling with a custom agar fill of 40mL in a 90 mm petri dish is possible. Independent validation is recommended.

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CI-99 100 LPM Microbial Air Sampler
95009900x: CI-99 with Bottom Port Assembly
95009901x: CI-99 with Side Port Assembly
(x: Power Cord Type) 1=US; 2=UK; or 3=Euro

Need to also order your choice of Sample Head
01210100: Aluminum Sample Head, 90 mm
01210103: Stainless Steel Sample Head, 90 mm