CI-x70 Non-Viable Particle Counter

Portable particle counter that offers 6 channels: 0.3 µm to 10 µm, some models up to 25 µm. For industrial use, 1m drop tested (14x up to 94 g’s)and vibration tested (1 hour), then powered-up and passed calibration. The CI-x70 Series are pharmaceutical industrial grade 6-channel portable particle counters that come in your choice of 1 CFM, 50 LPM, 75 LPM or 100 LPM flow rates.  Each model comes standard with an RS-232 serial interface, Ethernet TCP/IP, and USB.

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• 6-channels: 0.3 µm to 10 µm, some models up to 25 µm
• Industrial Use: 1m drop tested (14x up to 94 g’s)andvibration tested (1 hour), then powered-up and passed calibration.
Portable Document Format (PDF) reports for ISO 14644:2015, GMP, and FS 209e with Sample Data Filtering (dates, etc.)
• User Integrity Audit Trail
• Display is a color LCD (cellphone-type) capacitive touch screen display (pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll)
• Battery: Single lithium-ion for up to 6 hours of continuous operation (depending on model) – That’s a 100% duty cycle with a zero count filter installed.
• New ultra-quiet / ultra-clean blower technology
• Network time server synchronization – First on the market!
• Sample Data Storage – Up to a million samples or more!
• Programs: 300, and factory expandable!
• Location IDs: 300, and factory expandable!
• User IDs: 100, and factory expandable!
Light Ring: New user-configurable status and alarms (enable/disable, 5-colors, patters, etc.)
• Audible Tone: user-configurable multi-pitch beep on count and alarm
• HEPA filtered exhaust factory certified to ISO Class 3
• Fully integrated thermal printer
• Fully integrated battery charger
• Simplified Unit-to-Unit Cloning
• Same laser and collection optics as the CI-x5x model providing unparalleled accuracy and repeatability
• Only the highest quality materials used ensure long product life and up to 99.6% passing an interval calibration
• Security: 5 levels of user security with user authentication
VHP Compatible with no reduction in warranty.
• Weight: Stainless Steel enclosure at only 9.4 lbs. with battery installed!
• Dimensions 8.38″ x 7.4″ x 9.48″ (That’s only 587.9 cubic inches!)