CLiMET® 750t Laser Particle Non-Viable Particle Counter (1 Month Rental)

CLiMET® is a laser particle counter, purposely designed to meet ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2 requirements for ISO 5 through ISO 9 cleanroom environments.
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CLiMET® is laser particle counter, purposely designed to meet ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2 requirements for ISO 5 through ISO 9 cleanroom environments. The straightforward control interface allows for ease of use, and the brushed-stainless steel exterior and laminated touch-screen LCD cover allows for thorough cleaning of surfaces before introduction into cleanrooms/clean zones.

Pharmaceutical Services Corporation is the exclusive rental company of CLiMET® air samplers. We carry the 750t, an improved version of the 450t. Only slightly taller than the 450t, the 750t shares the same base dimensions, yet samples the same amount of air in only thirteen minutes and twenty seconds (33.3 percent faster).

The CLiMET® 750t’s performance is complimented by its portability. The unit weighs 14.25 lbs and is more compact than its predecessors. Its Nickel Metal Hydride (NiH) rechargeable battery allows for about four hours of runtime, making this unit ideal for sampling remote areas without compromising performance.

The CLiMET® system includes four levels of security for control over instrument test conditions, set-up of up-to twenty users (each with specific user level), and programmable audible alarms and alarm limits. The built-in printer allows for printing of: on-screen data, recorded data, alarm violation reports, and ISO14644/GMP/FS-209E reports. Also, the system is able to provide critical information on the data printouts, such as Unit ID, User ID, Pass/Fail Status, Sample Location ID, Counts, Date and Time.

CLiMET 750t Technical Specifications
Illumination source: Laser diode, 50 mW
Light Collection Optics: Elliptical mirror
Detection: Silicon photo diode
Size sensitivity: 0.30 micrometer
Particle channel sizes: Four sizes: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 5.0 micrometer
Size resolution: 0.03 micrometer @ 0.33 micrometer
Concentration limit: 13300 particles per liter (13.3 x 106 particles per cubic meter) (10% coincidence)
Sample flow rate: 75 liters per minute (0.075 cubic meter or 2.65 cubic feet per minute)
Flow rate control: Electronic, automatic closed loop
Sample tube extension: 1/2” (12.7 mm) I.D., up to 20 ft. (6.1 meters) max. length
Zero count: < 1 count per 5 minutes, as per JIS 9921
Battery: Replaceable 9.6 Volts, 12.6 Amp hour Nickel Metal Hydride
Battery operation time: 3.5 to 4.5 hours of continuous operation
4.0 hours typical
Time to charge battery: 3.0 to 3.5 hours
Display: TFT Color LCD, ¼ VGA touch screen
Printer: Thermal Dot Matrix
Memory: 3,000 samples: Date, Time, 4 Particle Channels, Analog Channels, Flow, ID, Sample Volume, transferable to PC via RS-232 serial port.
Unit ID: User selectable
User ID: Up to 20 users, besides supervisor, with password authentication
Security: Four security levels with user authentication
Location ID: Up to 100 per program; 16 characters long.
Program: Up to 30 user-defined and named, containing ID’s and settings.
Input/Output RS-232
Beep On Count: 0.3 ?m and greater
Audible alarm: Built-in
Alarm output: Dry contacts, normally open or closed via alarm connector. Connector also has 12VDC @ 250mA.
Alarm limits: Programmable for all particle channels, analog inputs, and flow.
Dimensions: H-W-D: 8.65 x 8.5 x 9.5 inches (21.97 X 21.6 X 24.1 cm)
Weight: 11.0 lb (4.99 Kg) without battery
14.25 lb (6.46 Kg) with battery
Power: Auto switching: 100–240 VAC, 47/63 Hz
Fuses: two 5 X 20 mm, 250V/2.0 Amp Slow
Operating range: 0–36º C, 10–90% RH, non-condensing
Calibration: Factory Prime Calibration with monodisperse polystyrene latex spheres, NIST traceable using CalPro 2.00 (or later) software program.
Calibration frequency: Recommended every 12 months.
Gas compatibility: Air, nitrogen; consult factory regarding other gases.