Kaye Validator® 2000 (1 Month Rental)

The Kaye Validator® 2000 is a standalone thermal validation system designed to comply with new regulations worldwide for validation of thermal processes.
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The Kaye Validator® 2000 is a widely established device used for thermal validation in various biology-related industries. However, because the purchase, usage, and maintenance of such instruments can be unrealistically costly, a more feasible alternative is to rent the equipment just for the duration of your project. 

The Kaye Validator® simplifies the entire validation process by reducing setup time, minimizing sensor handling, automating sensor calibration, neatly organizing study data and generating regulatory required reports. 

The Kaye Validator® 2000 itself can be rented together with any necessary counterparts such as thermocouples, SIMs, drywell baths, and IRTDs for an easier, more affordable solution to your personal validation project. The systems are all precalibrated per manufacturer recommendations to NIST traceable standards, ensuring accuracy before use. 

Features & Benefits

  • Offers flexibility to operate standalone or with PC during testing
  • Accepts up to 36 inputs in any combination of thermocouple, voltage or current inputs
  • Minimizes sensor handling and saves calibration time with plug-in sensor modules
  • Stores calibration offsets, allowing the software to link module with a specific instrument
  • Prevents unauthorized access via user ID and password for critical operations
  • Creates secure results using files that cannot be used if tampered with
  • Creates printed or spreadsheet reports from a single protected file
  • Creates comprehensive audit trail of all actions affecting user data
  • Protects data with internal memory if floppy disk fills up or printer runs out of paper
  • Documents exceptions easily
  • Saves data with battery back-up
  • Separates sensors in up to four groups