SVMS Steam Quality Test Kit

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Steam Quality Testing has been an EU requirement for many years (ISO EN 285) and has been adopted by many other countries and the world’s pharmaceutical environment. The SVMS Steam Quality Test Kit range was developed to enable their own engineers to provide reliable and efficient testing without the need for bulky or difficult to use equipment. The comprehensive kit provides all the components required to perform Steam Quality Tests and Clean Steam Sampling. No additional components or tools are required. The Steam Quality Test apparatus incorporates measurement of Non-Condensable gases, Dryness Value and Superheat. The cleanliness of steam (Clean/Pure Steam) was recommended to be adopted in the UK NHS by Health Technical Memorandum 2031 and in the EU by ISO EN 285. These documents provide limits for chemical impurities.In order to collect steam condensate for analysis of Bacterial Endotoxins all the components that come into contact with the sampled steam need to be depyrogenated in an oven. The SVMS Clean Steam condenser was designed specifically for this purpose.

SQ-Pro Steam Quality Test Equipment to measure:

  • Superheat
  • Dryness Value
  • Non-Condensable Gases
  • Clean/Pure Steam (by extraction of samples to a laboratory)

SVMS Advantages

  • It is robust as a flight case is provided to give a high degree of protection to the kit contents when in transit.
  • It is efficient as test time is greatly reduced due to the ease of assembly and use.
  • It is comprehensive as all the components required to perform Steam Quality Tests and Clean Steam Sampling are provided and no additional tools or bulky and expensive instrumentation is required.
  • It is self-contained as an adjustable tripod is supplied in order to mount & adjust the height of the apparatus for the Non-Condensable Gas Value test and Clean/Pure Steam collection.
  • It is convenient as a bracket is supplied so that the thermometer can be conveniently mounted on the side of the Non-Condensable Gas apparatus box.
  • An accurate dual input thermocouple thermometer incorporating an averaging facility is supplied in certain kits.


  • Sterilizer Maintenance and Periodic Testing
  • Washer Disinfector and Periodic Testing
  • Parts Supply
  • Steam Quality Performance Testing
  • Clean Steam Performance Testing
  • Washer Disinfector Water Supply Performance Testing
  • In-House Laboratory Analysis of Condensate and Waters
  • Calibration Services for Temperature, Pressure, Time, Small Mass and Small Volume
  • Provision of Innovative Testing Products for the Decontamination industry

Package Options

Option D: 
Steam Quality apparatus for determining values of:

  • Superheat
  • Dryness Value
  • Non-Condensable Gases
  • Clean/Pure Steam Quality

Including electronic balance and thermometer

Additional information


Option A: Basic Kit for Steam Quality, Option B: Basic Kit plus thermometer and balance, Option C: Basic Kit plus clean steam components, Option D: Full SQ Kit with clean steam, balance & thermometer, Option F: Basic Kit plus balance