Manufacturing Execution Systems

Engineering consultants to design, validate, and implement MES

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Custom solutions for automatically managing material inventory, product orders, and work protocols. 

Reduce waste and increase uptime by utilizing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). PSC Biotech® MES engineers can design, validate and implement MES systems in regulatory compliance.

  • Work order automation and maximized efficiency in deployment
  • Production status of materials, intermediates, and final products
  • Automated scheduling
  • Equipment analytics
  • Integration with company systems
  • Tracking and tracing of materials and products
  • Enterprise resource planning integration with real-time production data
  • Quality assurance monitoring and data collection
  • Validated Electronic Batch Records within production
  • Release by exception
  • Reduction in waste and work-in-progress
  • Minimize lead time
  • Improve throughput
  • Synchronized global production
  • Sustainability

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PSC Biotech® Industry Expertise

Cosmetics, Cannabis
Pharmaceuticals, Personalized Medicine
Medical Devices, Biotechnology
Tissue Products, Cell and Gene Therapy
Food & Beverages, Homeopathic, Nutraceuticals

PSC Biotech® MES engineers follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) informational model set forth by the International Society of Automation (ISA) in the ISA-95 documentation, known as IEC/ISO 62264 internationally. With over 25 years of experience consulting for the life sciences, PSC Biotech® MES engineers also comply with FDA cGMP risk-based approaches and standards of validation. Whether you use a model-driven engineering approach to information technology for collecting and managing production, or you prefer process-oriented information technology, our engineers help you optimize and implement Manufacturing Execution Systems for the life sciences.

PSC Biotech® Manufacturing Execution Systems Experts tailor their expertise to your needs. Contact us to start the process of gaining a PSC Biotech® MES Engineer to design, validate, implement, or optimize your Manufacturing Execution System.


What makes PSC Biotech® the partner of choice for leading life science companies? It’s our full-service approach to ensuring your facilities, equipment and processes meet regulations set by leading regulatory bodies. Access the full spectrum of software and service solutions your company needs to thrive. Contact a PSC expert today.

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Streamlining Manufacturing Operations: The Role of MES Integration and Optimization

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) smoothly integrates your plant Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) and Process Controlling Systems (PCS) to manage your manufacturing resources. Paper-based processes are replaced as results are documented electronically

An MES manages material inventory, product orders, and work protocols automatically. With proper implementation of MES, you can minimize downtime and maximize floor productivity in concert with optimizing synchronization across manufacturing plant sites. PSC Biotech® consultants include engineers trained in the design, validation and implementation of MES systems. 

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Commissioning of the new manufacturing science and technology (MSAT) lab.
Commissioning Project Summary Qualification Validation

Commissioning of the new manufacturing science and technology (MSAT) lab.

PSC Biotech experts were assigned to commission the architectural finish and mechanical completion of the Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) Laboratory. The commissioning took place parallel with the final construction process. This helped our CQV experts to directly start and complete the project.

Commissioning Of The New Apheresis Inspection And Processing Spaces
Commissioning Project Summary Qualification Validation

Commissioning Of The New Apheresis Inspection And Processing Spaces

The commissioning team successfully completed the modifications to the air handling system according to the client’s specifications and design. They checked the changes to the supply and return ductwork, as well as the new and existing variable air volume boxes.

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