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Providing Project Solutions

Project Management Consultants at PSC Biotech® carry your product through the quality and safety standards for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Our highly trained and experienced Project Management Consultants provide budget-friendly services tailored to your company’s needs.

PSC Biotech® Project Management Expertise:

      • Scope management
      • Budget management
      • Schedule management
      • Risk management
      • Project Team management
      • Resource management
      • Quality management
      • Communications management
      • Stakeholder management
      • Lifecycle management

Life Science Expertise on Demand

What makes PSC Biotech® the partner of choice for leading life science companies? It’s our full-service approach to ensuring your facilities, equipment and processes meet regulations set by leading regulatory bodies. Access the full spectrum of software and service solutions your company needs to succeed. Contact a PSC expert today.

Project Management plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries by overseeing a product’s development, progression, production, maintenance, and continual quality assurance. PSC Biotech® project managers utilize system analysis and business process analysis to accelerate your project. The biotechnology sector, pharmaceuticals, and medical device implants undergo rigorous regulatory affairs that review the product life cycle and development. Highly trained and experienced Project Management Consultants are needed to carry your product through quality and safety standards and implementation. Not all companies have experienced and specialized Project Management Consultants available for projects – be they new and innovative, green, non-traditional, or traditional. PSC Biotech® Project Managers can assist at any stage of the project life cycle: project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closure. The PSC Biotech® Project Management service division has the right people for your project needs.

PSC Biotech® Industry Expertise

Cosmetics, Cannabis

Pharmaceuticals, Personalized Medicine

Medical Devices, Biotechnology

Tissue Products, Cell and Gene Therapy

Food & Beverages, Homeopathic, Nutraceuticals

The PSC Biotech® Approach to Project Management

Our approach to Project Management is all-encompassing – Project Management Consultants at PSC Biotech assist you in high-level and very detailed aspects of your process and project lifecycle, as the job requires. Our highly trained Project Management Consultants start out doing fieldwork as engineers or technical professionals before undergoing rigorous training. Therefore, they know practical and proficient solutions for your needs. Specifically tailored to your project, our Project Management Consultants achieve success by applying Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Best Practices, The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and ISPE’s Good Practice Guide: Project Management for Pharmaceutical Industry. We employ an integrated Project Management approach to combine practical fieldwork knowledge with project management experience. In this way, the Project Management Consultant is typically responsible for the direct delivery of project success and is engaged with the project, at all levels, throughout the project lifecycle.

PSC Biotech® developed specialized project trackers to collect and communicate project status on a real-time basis. Through these trackers, our Project Management Consultants expedite inter-and intra-departmental project facilitation. Also, our project reports are specialized for various project stakeholders, including senior management, project team, contractors, and vendors. 

Extensive Project Management Services

PSC Biotech® also provides project management support for addressing scope creep, engineering, engineering drawings, engineering SOPs, redline pipeline and instrumentation diagrams, preventative maintenance, and product specifications. Furthermore, our Project Management Consultants provide certification programs for capital projects and lifecycle management for process, facility, and utility systems. See our project success pages for examples.

PSC Biotech® Project Management Consultants tailor their expertise to your needs. Contact us to start the process of gaining a PSC Biotech® Project Management Consultant to create, optimize, or otherwise meet your project requirements! 

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What Our Clients are Saying

“During the past year, our company has been working with PSC on various activities within the development and implementation of a new medical device product. PSC offers high quality services, and we can say that we have always been satisfied by their work.”

“The skillsets that PSC provides in regulatory support helped us overcome a large obstacle in particular. The regulatory support that we had from PSC was very independent and if we had an issue, PSC consultants were willing to work cross-functionally to meet our needs. No micromanaging required. Great communication. Minimal supervision. I don’t think we would have been as successful without them. The expertise and the connections we’ve created with PSC are beyond our expectations. I’ve never had that relationship with a company like I’ve had with PSC. Just phenomenal! It made my life easier.”

“This is to certify that PSC Biotech® (PSC) has done a good job for our company in the range of auditing and consultancy. Their work was remarkably distinguished as auditors. As consultants, their work was successfully handled and enabled based on the level of expertise of their team in the U.S. and abroad.”

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