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Annual Metrology of the Controllers and Chart Recorders

  • Area: Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Project Type: Metrology

About this Project


PSC‘s® Annual Metrology Support


Annual Metrology is performed for their Power Scientific Stability Chamber. This Chamber maintains temperature and relative humidity (RH) conditions inside. It has an integrated Watlow temperature & RH controllers, with an alarm display, along with a Honeywell Chart recorder. Our field technicians calibrate the controllers and chart recorders, using the Vaisala handheld temperature and RH probe. All annual metrology is performed in accordance to the manufacturer’s specification.


  • Vaisala handheld temperature
  • HR probe


This project was successfully finished within less than one day of when the calibration had started. PSC® sent a senior metrology specialist to assist the company with the metrology process.

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