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Commissioning of the Utilities, EMS, Electrical and HVAC for Facility
  • Area: Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Project Type: CQV

About this Project


Commissioning of Utilities, EMS, Electrical and HVAC for the Clients Facility to Meet Certain Criterion



PSC® performed commissioning of utilities, EMS, Electrical and HVAC for this clients facility. The team worked on the environmental monitoring system (EMS): Monitoring for each individual room, at the formulation standpoint. Each room was required to meet a certain criterion for how much pressure was in there. They also were in charge of making sure each room is in a certain environment that ensures the room and people are safe, and nothing would have be manipulated. In addition, PSC® confirmed that the systems were installed according to the vendor and client and developed commission protocol for RODI and process gasses. Finally, PSC® tracked down the installer documentation, walk down; blow down; cross-connect verification; documentation.


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