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6 Years of Required CSV Support From PSC®

  • Area: Cross-Regional; California, Ohio, Canada
  • Project Type: CSV

About this Project


Cross-regional CRM and Vault Module CSV & OQ Test Scripts, IOQ Protocols, and Traceability Matrices Projects


PSC® has provided the client with cross-regional support in California, Ohio, and Canada. These projects have focused on the clients CRM and Vault modules(QMS, eTMF, Quality Docs, PromoMats, EDC). PSC® provided cost-effective support of aggressive software release schedule (every 4 months). The PSC team has ensured no impact on client release dates. Along with CRM & Vault modules, PSC® was responsible for executing and generating OQ Test Scripts, IOQ Protocols, and Traceability Matrices.


PSC® hired 6-8 resources per project to strictly maintain the project schedule, execute the project, track the progress of validation deliverables of the project, and adhere to the project budget for successful completion.

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