Engineering Support for the B1 Exit Program

PSC® Provided Engineering Consulting Services

  • Area: Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Project Type: Engineering

About this Project


Client required engineering support for the B1 Exit Program Documentation Support Project. 


PSC® provided engineer consulting services for the B1 Exit Program Documentation Support Project. The work for this project entailed performing assessments and modifying 3200 Non-GMP documents and/or drawings, 153 documents that needed addressing before shut down, and 14 documents that needed addressing after shut down. 


  • “FPC50W – Isolator (Watson Marlow-Ziel)
  • FlexPro 50 – Isolator (Groninger – Ziel)
  • Steris Autoclave (27 cu ft. production)
  • Santimatic COP washer
  • Seidnator (2)
  • Innova Deneste
  • USP water, Pure steam, Compressed air, Nitrogen, AHUs, Water for Injections. -Not tools used 


PSC® hired two Senior Engineers to support our client’s B1 Exit Program Documentation. Our engineers successfully assessed and modified over 3200 Non-GMP documents, on time and on budget, contributing to the successful completion of our clients project.

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