Engineering | Facilities, Utilities & Process Equipment

Providing Validation Support to Keep the Facility Operational.
  • Area: Greater Los Angles Area
  • Project Type: Engineering

About this Project


Engineering Validation


PSC® has been providing engineering and validation services at the San Dimas facility since 2014. When the La Verne facility startup projects began, PSC® has been providing validation support to keep the facility operational. PSC® covers all aspects of facilities, utilities and process equipment qualification and validation across the entire facility.


  • Kaye Validator
  • Additional SIM for Kaye 2000
  • iRTD-400 Probe
  • LTR-140 Bath
  • HTR-400 Bath
  • Data Loggers
  • Kaye Feed Thru Device
  • Pressure Transducer
  • CLiMET (laser particle counter)
  • Low Pressure Gas Flowmeter
  • CLiMET (Microbial Sampler)
  • Shortridge Air Data MultiMeter
  • Druck Pressure Testing
  • Gas Flowmeter
  • SVMS Steam Quality
  • Thermocouples
  • Scissor Lift
  • Specialized PPE
  • Specialized Tools


PSC® has been providing engineering and validation services since 2014.

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