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10 Years of Required CSV Support From PSC®

  • Area: Novato, CA; Cork, Ireland
  • Project Type: CSV

About this Project


CSV Support Projects


PSC® executes approximately 40 CSV projects per annum across the full spectrum of systems (bench-top instruments through enterprise applications such as ERP, DCMS, and QMS. The PSC® Service Lead manages account (budgets, resources) and provides CSV Subject Matter Expert input. For various CSV projects, PSC® has provided the client with validation plans, risk assessment, HPQC Support, and test script development. Additionally, PSC® has developed installation/operation/performance qualification protocols for the client.


For over 10 years, PSC® has exclusively provided all CSV support for this client. PSC® hired 10-15 local CSV resources per project to strictly maintain the project schedule, execute the project, and adhere to the project budget for successful completion.

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