Extensive Technical Writing & Validation Execution

Multiple Technical Writing Assignments For Test Plans and Similar Projects

  • Area: Greater Baltimore
  • Project Type: Technical Writing

About this Project


PSC® provided project schedule oversight through the entire project


PSC® performed technical writing support for 3 months utilizing a Senior Technical Writer. The project started on 6/10/2020 and concluded on 9/10/2020 or agreed upon timeframe. PSC® provided project schedule oversight through the entire project. An initial period of detailed planning occurred upon project commencement. Our Account Manager worked with the company designee to plan the execution approach for the whole project. The client then added a second project to create executable tables for key assay test plans from their narrative document. These test plans are created in such a way, so that they are easily adaptable to new assay test plans and or may be used to update existing test plans.


For an initial project, PSC® provided personnel with both extensive technical writing and validation execution experience to offer a well-rounded and inclusive view to write an operations manual and maintenance manual for proprietary critical equipment. In addition, with the second project, by utilizing a senior technical writer / senior validation engineer PSC® provided not only technical expertise but the crucial component of personnel with extensive experience in executing validation documents. This experience harmonizes the technical side with the practical knowledge of executing to create documents that effectively meet the client’s needs.

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