Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation

PSC is one of the largest providers for Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation services for the life science industry. Our team consists of seasoned experts in the validation of facilities, utilities, equipment, computer systems, processes, cleaning, and test methods. We provide end to end solutions with expertise in Project Planning, CQV Master Planning, Requirement Specifications, Risk Assessments, Commissioning, Decommissioning, FATs, SATs, Installation Qualifications, Operational Qualifications, Performance Qualifications, Summary Reports, Traceability Matrixes, Calibration, Temperature/Humidity Mapping Services and more.

Our consultants have access to our global Subject Matter Experts and training materials 24/7, and guarantee quality when delivering your projects. Our team of professionals can support your company in the full CQV lifecycle. We facilitate a timely and cost-effective solution curated to your company. By outsourcing your CQV needs, you’re able to focus on other aspects of your company while also accelerating your business. While working with PSC, your organization will gain insightful knowledge to continuously grow your company. 


Our Expertise

  • Facilities Equipment
  • Utilities Equipment
  • Processes
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Test Method Validation
  • Greenfield CQV Projects
  • New Production Suite Commissioning
  • Decommissioning 





End-to-End Solutions

  • Project Planning
  • Validation Master Plans (VMP)
  • User Requirements Specifications (URS)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Protocols
  • FAT
  • SAT
  • Summary Reports
  • Traceability Matrixes
  • Calibration Matrix
  • SOPs
  • Integrated Commissioning and Qualification (ICQ) 


  • Validation Protocol Format
  • Design Qualification (DQ)
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (PQ) 
  • Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Review
  • Continued Process Verification (CPV)
  • Pre-Operational Verifications 
  • Commissioning and Startup
  • Technical Audits and Due Diligene 

An Example Project we Have Completed in the Past: Equipment Validation and Qualification of chambers, autoclaves, tunnels, lyophilizers, packaging, shipping, related process equipment, and associated document generation and revision.


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