CLiMET® particle counters and air samplers deliver precise test results so you can validate or monitor your clean rooms and controlled environments to get or stay compliant.   CLiMET® instruments are state-of-the-art, robust, and easy to use.   You should buy CLiMET® equipment for your ongoing needs.  When you need CLiMET® equipment for a project or an increase in validation or monitoring activity, consider renting the calibrated CLiMET® equipment you need from PSC Biotech™.

Use the Best Validation Equipment, Use CLiMET®  

When your company claims that an area is a clean room or controlled environment, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) require that you prove it.  Validation is how you prove it meets the specifications for the first time.  Monitoring is how you show that you continue to meet your specifications.  CLiMET® non-viable particulate and viable microbial air samplers are the best equipment to validate and monitor that your clean room or controlled environment meets the ISO 14644, European Union Grade, or other controlled environment specifications that you claim.  CLiMET® equipment is accurate, precise, easy-to-use, and robust, is in calibration, and was calibrated by CLiMET®.

Use Calibrated CLiMET® Equipment, Avoid Failure Investigations

If your particle counter or a microbial sampler is operating Out-Of-Tolerance (OOT) during its calibration interval or is out of its calibration interval, you need to do an investigation to determine if your validation or monitoring work was valid.  Investigations cost money, take time, and take your resources away from productive activities.  PSC’s calibrated CLiMET® equipment provide you the highest assurance against calibration issues affecting your work.

Who is CLiMET®?

CLiMET® is an industry pioneer and innovator that manufactures, distributes, services, and calibrates particle counters and microbial air samplers for over 50 years of experience. CLiMET’s line of pharmaceutical and industrial grade environmental monitoring equipment are drop and vibration tested, and specifically designed for long life.  Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations choose CLiMET® equipment for their unparalleled accuracy, measurement stability, and extremely high quality.  CLiMET® instruments have a straightforward control interface with multiple levels of security for control over instrument test conditions.

Rent the Best from the Best

PSC Biotech™ is the proud exclusive rental company of CLiMET® air samplers. Our rental equipment portfolio includes

  • CLiMET® 750t Laser Particle Non-Viable Particle Counter
  • CLiMET® 1054 Laser Particle Non-Viable Particle Counter
  • CLiMET® 90 Viable Air Sampler

Benefits of Renting CLiMET® Instruments 

Lowered Cost of Quality Control

The cost of one failure investigation frequently exceeds the rental costs or purchase price of a particle counter or microbial sampler.  Purchase the particle counters and air samplers you need to optimize your capital investment. Rent additional particle counters and air samplers when you need them to minimize your operating costs while maintaining your quality standards.

Expert Installation and Commissioning Assistance

Renting CLiMET® air samplers from PSC Biotech™ gives you the benefit of our expert assistance.  PSC Biotech™ provides installation, commissioning and validation support for all rental equipment to worldwide facilities.

Ending Note

Renting validation equipment can enable you to reduce costs, maintain compliance, and avoid deviations and investigations. CLiMET® instruments let you use the best non-viable particulate and microbial air samplers for your validation and monitoring needs while managing cost.

PSC Biotech™ rents calibrated CLiMET® and other validation equipment and provides best-in-class support throughout the lifetime of the equipment. Let our experts assess your requirements and recommend the right CLiMET® equipment for you to rent or buy for your operations.

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