Quality Document Management Success

Written by: Candice Snine, Business Development Manager, PSC Biotech™

Quality Management in any industry is all about documentation.  If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.  Every detail is scrutinized, and document perfection is the ultimate definition of success! In the food industry, the quality group makes the team performing the daily tasks that run the business successful. Without the approval from quality, production cannot move forward to create that product that we are all waiting for. What goes on inside the quality nebula, you may ask?

The daily operations of the quality department encompass some of the following tasks:

  • Quality Technicians perform production checks to ensure specifications are met on products being manufactured. Production checks may range from 100% at-line inspection to sampling every hour depending on the company’s procedures.
  • Quality Technicians perform organoleptic, microbiological, temperature, volumetric, and other process checks and quality testing depending on the product being produced and customer requirements.
  • Quality Supervisors document and manage change control procedures, deviations and Corrective Action Preventive Actions (CAPAs) that stem from internal and external audits.
  • Quality Supervisors answer customer questionnaires and inquiries.
  • Quality Supervisors maintain certifications such as Halal, Organic and Kosher through managing documentation requirements.
  • Quality Specialists conduct and resolve Customer Complaint Investigations.
  • Quality Supervisors manage audits from internal and external parties through documenting findings and CAPAs.
  • Quality Supervisors and Managers conduct department training with cross functional teams to ensure quality standards are known and being applied.
  • Quality Specialists write, review, and approve Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and update current SOPs to adhere to workflow changes.
  • Quality Supervisors and Managers manage the Food Safety Program which includes annual review of the HACCP plan.

All this activity generates documents and document management is the key component that enables any quality team to be successful! Quality without a structured, documented, and automated electronic quality system is like flying through that quality nebula without your seatbelt, it will get bumpy!

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