Written By: Andrea Salive, Business Development Manager

Question: when was the last time you left your house without your cell phone? Or asked your friend, hotel concierge or barista the Wi-Fi password (while socially distancing, of course)? Over the past few years, the world has rapidly evolved through technology and cloud implementation into nearly every activity we partake in. 

When it comes to your business operations and the fragmented, paper-based system that often creates more problems than good-why are you putting yourself behind the eight ball? Especially when it comes to the Life Science Industry, these organizations understand the criticality with following internal processes and how one simple mistake can result in major setbacks. A solution that an organization can significantly benefit from is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). A great example of a SaaS solution is the one and only PSC Software’s very own, ACE™ 

Electronic Quality Management System

Here are a few of the many benefits of this type of business solution:

1. SaaS products are software solutions that are hosted by a vendor or provider and are accessible via the internet. This means customers utilizing SaaS products have a huge advantage to the accessibility offered. Need your Quality Assurance Manager to sign off on a new policy? Not to worry, as they can simply complete this task from the tips of their fingers on their smartphone! This feature overall results in more efficient business operations from the get go 


2. For the most part, SaaS pricing structures are typically based off a subscription model. For example, when a company purchases, ACE™, they purchase named user licenses for their employees to access and utilize the system. Should that company rapidly start to scale and grow, ACE™ is scaling and growing every step of the way with it! A simple email or phone call to your PSC Software™ Manager requesting additional licenses can be taken care of in a matter of minutes! 

  1. Finally, because SaaS products are hosted by the vendorthis simply means that, for example given here,PSC Software™ is responsible for all system maintenance and software upgrades.  An organization utilizing ACE™ therefore eliminates passing along these additional tasks and responsibilities to their IT Department, once again, allowing for more efficient business operations.   

What are you waiting for- contact your friends at PSCSoftware.com today to see how we can implement these solutions for you!  

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