It is always good to know how your company is doing. Whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly, company metrics are a great tool to determine what is working and what needs some work.

What are metrics?

A metric is a report that displays how your company is doing in every aspect. For example, product count, the number of deviations, time for closing out deviations, complaints, documents, and those are just a few examples. Depending on how often you want a picture of how the company is doing, your metrics will find the gaps. These metrics reports should be reported to the entire company, which will allow everyone to know how the company is doing and where improvements need to be made.

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Types of Reports

Quarterly metrics are the most common, splitting the year into four equal blocks and thus, allows the company to see how they are doing every three months. The following are reports that can be used in the companies’ metrics:

    • Product – Amount of goods made, the quantity of each product produced, what batch records have been released, why batch records have not been released, and how long it takes to make a batch.
    • Investigations – Number of deviations, the root cause of deviations, the total number of deviations opened and closed, how many days to close out a deviation, number of corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs), the root cause of CAPAs, length of time to close CAPAs, and what keeps these reports open.
    • Documents – Number of new documents created, the types of documents created, the number of revised documents and documents up for review, how many documents have been approved or have not been approved, and the number of days a document is open and closed.
    • Training – How many employees are overdue on training, how many trainings have gone out, and how long the training takes to complete.
    • Equipment – What equipment has been calibrated, upcoming equipment calibrations, equipment that has been taken out of service, and why.

These reports provide a lot of information about how your company is doing as a whole. Usually, a quality assurance team member will compile all the reports and present them to the managers and the rest of the company.

The overall progress that the company makes comes from knowing what works and what doesn’t. The metrics are a visual way of seeing how the company is performing, and if some areas need improvement, the metrics will show where those improvements are needed. Companies should always be looking at the progress of their company.

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